Friday, June 18, 2010

Episode 7: Revenge is a dish best served cold

“Damn it Misty! Just stay away from Dash, do you hear me!”

“I can do what the hell I like and you can’t stop me! You are not my father”.

With that, Misty jumped down from the stool. She quickly wiped the milkshake moustache from her mouth with one exquisite paw. She flicked her tail, just once, showing her annoyance at her brother.

Chase stared down at her, half closing his eyes and glaring “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m going to see Dash and you can’t stop me”. With that she disappeared sleekly through the catflap into the early evening.

Chase sat staring at the counter wondering how he was going to explain to Misty that he was exactly that - her father! Would she understand why they had never told her the truth about him? He still remembered that magical time with Misty’s mother as if it were yesterday. Oh Tallulah! How he missed her. He'd give anything to hear her sing again as only a Siamese can sing! 

By the time she gave birth to Misty, the final kitten in a litter of seven, it was too late, they couldn’t save her! Her wounds were too great. Even though she was so weak but had made him promise he would say he was her son! If those lemurs had found out he was her lover they would have been on him like, well, like lemurs!

He lifted one paw to his face, flexed it and his claws sprang out, razor sharp! One day he would find the lemur responsible for Tallulah’s death and he would have his revenge!

He said quietly to himself “Yes Larry, I will find you and when I do, you’ll need more than a stupid hat and a whisk to protect you!”

“Everything okay Chase?” Miss Kitty asked looking nervous.

“Oh yeah baby, it’s all good. Put it on my tab would ya?” he called back and jumped neatly through the catflap into the street.

He headed off down the street, stopping momentarily to glimpse at his reflection in the shop window. God he was gorgeous no doubt about that! He decided it was time to have a talk with Dash. He had to put a stop to the relationship with Misty before it went too far. He didn't want anyone to find out the truth about Dash! If his cover was blown, he'd never find Larry and get his revenge.

He turned the corner and saw the lid of a nearby bin quickly rattle shut. Hmmm, Dash still couldn't get over his trash habit! Time to have a chat with the tabby detective!


  1. And the suspense just keeps building. Whatever is Misty going to say when she finds out the truth!!

  2. OH my wat citin stuff,poor kitty mom had 2 die!! so sad Tallulah !! wat next ????