Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 16: The Reunion

Blade stood on the curb of a tree-lined avenue and watched the tail-lights of the limousine flicker briefly as the driver touched the brakes before pulling into the early evening traffic. He slowly skated away from the curb and made his way back to the boarding house, feeling tired but happy.

Soon, Misty would be reunited with her mother and he could go back to what he did best – offering a high class omelette delivery service!

Misty lay in the back of the limousine trying to take in everything that had happened to her in the last 24 hours. Her mind kept returning her to that awful moment when she though Dr Talbot was going to cut her open! Thank Cat Blade had turned up!

Blade had just injected her with … with, well she wasn’t sure what, but she could feel her legs coming back to life and even managed to lick a paw. She sure was thirsty though. She looked around. Ahhh – drink and food! Oh yes – milk and tuna! Blade had put out small bowls of tuna and milk on the floor of the limo. She lapped the milk and greedily chomped down the tuna, her lips smacking with great gusto!

She jumped back onto the seat and started to slowly groom herself. Ahhhh this was heaven! Nothing quite like a lick of the cat to make you feel normal again!

She looked out of the window as she elegantly licked and then wiped her paw over her ear. The privacy glass was firmly shut between her and the driver. The limousine drove smoothly up higher and higher into the mountains towards the Mountain Lodge Hotel, where her mother was waiting for her. Hotel had once been an exclusive retreat for old fat cat bankers but was rumoured to be in the hands of a private owner. Her mother, she wondered? Or one of her show-biz friends?

The limousine drove through the impressive gates and slowly along the gravel drive towards the hotel. The driver stopped the car and the door next to Misty opened slowly. She peered out and gently sniffed the night air. She jumped out of the car and lightly ran up the steps and into the hotel foyer.

There, standing at the bottom of the grand staircase, stood her mother, Tallulah!

“Misty!” she called out and ran towards her daughter. They embraced and tears fell from their faces.

“Oh Misty, my daughter, my beloved girl” Tallulah cried. “Girl, are you all right, let me look at you”. Tallulah pulled back from their embrace and stared deep into Misty’s eyes.

“Is it really you?” Misty whispered. The tears of joy ran down her face as she nuzzled close to her mother. “I thought you were dead! They said you had been murdered”.

“Sshhhh it’s all right, I’m here now. Come on, we’ve got lots to talk about. I have so much to tell you. And I want to hear all your news” Tallulah cooed.

Tallulah started to head up the grand staircase. “Mum, wait! What about Chase?” Tallulah turned and looked down at Misty with a strange look “Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten about Chase, don’t worry". And with that she ran up the staircase towards her suite.

Misty hesitated for a moment. What did that mean she wondered? Her mother’s tone had been icy cold. Her life was turning into a soap opera! She ran up the stairs behind her mother thinking about how she was going to contact Chase to let him know she was all right!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Episode 15: A Night On The Town

Meanwhile back at the boarding house…

Larry ran swiftly and silently down the stairs eager to let Precious know about what he’d heard as he listened at Blade’s door. He ran quickly into the kitchen, no-one there. He ran into the dining room, not a soul. She must be in the lounge, nope.

Only one place left …. Her boudoir! He ran back up the stairs he’d just come down and headed up to the top floor of the boarding house where Precious had her private quarters.

He knocked softly on her bedroom door and called out “Precious, are you there?”. No answer. Hmmmm .. where was she? He turned the handle and opened the door slowly. He pushed his head through and called again “Precious!” Still no answer. He swung the door open. The room was empty.

He went further into the room. He heard the door slowly click closed behind him. The heavy velvet curtains were drawn and the only light in the room was coming from the en suite bathroom light. He made his way cautiously over to the huge king-sized bed.

The floor around the bed was strewn with clothes. Precious sure wasn’t known for being tidy! Larry picked up a feather boa and sniffed. He could smell the deep musky perfume Precious liked to wear. He spotted stockings, suspenders, a corset and a pair of red patent stilettos with killer heels. He stood there, thinking for a moment. He looked over at the door then back at the shoes.

“What the hell” he muttered to himself. He slowly slipped his feet into the stilettos as he wrapped the feather boa around his neck. He hobbled over to the big wardrobe stuffed full of ball gowns, slinky little silk numbers and cocktail dresses. He reached for a Chanel cocktail dress and slipped it over his head. He slowly zipped it up.

That felt good. It had been so long! He hadn’t put on a single dress since the old woman had died and he’d run for his life from her swanky New York apartment on Central Park West.

At first, he’d hated living with the old woman and longed to be back in his native Madagascan jungle but as time passed he grew to love this strange lady.

He’d originally been given to her as a Christmas present from her movie director husband and she had even named him after the great man - Larry J Broderick, Jnr. “Honey” she told her husband one night when he’d been complaining about her inability to give her a son “this is the only pitter-patter of tiny feet you are ever gonna hear”.

When Larry Snr died she’d gone off the rails a bit and started drinking and taking prescription painkillers again. She’d often think that Larry was her long-dead sister who’d she started her acting career with back in the 40’s. “Come on, Loretta, let’s do that scene from Streetcar darling” she’d shout as she stumbled up the stairs towards her the sumptuous wardrobe.

She loved to dress him up in her finest gowns and outfits from her old acting days and they’d act out scenes from her favourite movies. He loved to feel the silk and velvet on his fur. The make up, the wigs, everything! He could go from plain old Larry to sexy gorgeous Loretta in moments. Who knew such a thing would make him so happy?

He twirled and turned this way and that to look at himself in the mirror. He sashayed over to the dressing table and selected a long rope of pearls and a pair of clip on diamond earrings. He quickly grabbed a ruby red lipstick and long blonde wig from the table and rushed out of the bedroom door and down the stairs.

Time to get himself - oops sorry I mean herself - he giggled uptown and check out the nightlife! Just like the old days! Watch out Cooperville, Loretta is back in town.......

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episode 14: Runaway Corpse

Misty could hear voices as she lay on the table in the Cooperville Morgue. She’d been transferred to the Morgue after she was pronounced dead at the penthouse.

They had put her into a black bag and dumped her on a trolley. She was then wheeled her unceremoniously into the back of a black van. She could hear Dash and Chase sobbing uncontrollably as the doors slammed shut.

Now she was at the Morgue and appeared to be laying on some kind of table. There was a sheet covering her from head to toe and she could hear footsteps and muffled voices nearby.

She let her mind to replay the last few hours. She tried to focus on the last few moments before she’d been paralysed by Blade.

Blade! What had he said? Something about protecting her. How he would save her. Her mother had sent him! However, her mother was dead! Moments before Dash and Chase has come crashing into the apartment, he had whispered that she didn’t need to worry. It would all be all right. He would save her. Well he had better hurry up or she was in danger of becoming chopped liver!

She heard footsteps coming towards her. She couldn’t turn her head, move her eyes, she couldn’t even blink. A floating head appeared about her and she saw the masked face of Dr Cressida Talbot, Cooperville’s Medical Examiner. Talbot was instantly recognisable; no one forgot those piercing icy blues eyes of the beautiful Siberian Husky.

‘Well, dear Misty, I shall be gentle with you, my little one, but I must find out what happened to you. Forgive me’. It was as if Talbot knew that Misty was alive!

Talbot pulled the microphone down from the ceiling towards her and started speaking in her delectable Russian accent.

‘Female Siamese cat …. age ….. approximately 2 years …’ She bent to stare closely at Misty. ‘I am going now to make the incision to determine if there is organ damage and time of death from the stomach contents’.

Misty lay completely helpless on the table as Dr Talbot turned to a trolley containing a range of stainless steel surgical instruments.

Just then, a voice called out from the Morgue reception. ‘Hey Doc! Got a delivery for ya!’

‘One moment’ Talbot called out. She turned back to Misty and replaced the sheet over her. ‘I will be there momentarily please wait!’

Misty broke into a cold sweat; at least she would have broken into a cold sweat if she could DO anything!

She lay on the table listening for anything that might indicate that she was about to be saved. She heard a strange rumbling noise to her left. More silence. Another rumble; rollerblades!

She felt warm breath in her ear. ‘I told you I’d be back for you Misty’. Blade’s face appeared above her where Talbot’s face had been moments earlier. Grinning madly down at her he said ‘ok sweet cheeks, we’re going for a little ride!’ She felt the table she was laying on slowly turn towards the doors Talbot had just exited.

Blade powered forward on his rollerblades using his well-developed leg muscles. Those extra rollerblading sessions were definitely paying off he thought hysterically to himself!

‘Yeeehaaaaawwww’ he cried out in triumph. The trolley crashed through the double-doors of the examination room, hurtled down a slope and crashed through another set of double doors out into the early evening warmth.

Blade gave the trolley one final push towards some hydrangea bushes and bundled up Misty into his strong paws. ‘You’re safe now girl’ he said and skated off downtown.

Misty lay in Blade’s arms and felt relief flood through her as she realised Blade had indeed saved her! ‘It’s time you had some answers’ he said and added ‘Tallulah is gonna be very happy to see you’.

Her mother! What was going on? Why had Chase told her their mother was dead? Did her mother know about Dash? How was Blade going to free her from the paralysis? She was sure she wouldn’t have to wait long to find out everything she was so desperate to know…..... and she would get to meet the famous Tallulah!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 13: Dangerous games...

Back in Cooperville...

Two Labrador puppies scampered from the Cooperville Toy, Treat & Toothbrush Emporium, squealing with delight.

"Quick Ben, pass it to me! C'mon, c'mon!" yipped the first puppy.

"Okay, stand back a bit then!" Ben laughed. "Ready Jerry? Go long!"

Jerry raced down the street as Ben flipped the shiny new Indestructoball high into the air. Flecks of slobber flew from the ball as it bounced once, then twice, and was caught by Jerry mid air before it could hit the ground again.

Both puppies yelped with excitement. "Cool!" Ben squealed, crouching into a play bow. "My turn now, throw it back to me!"

Jerry flung the Indestructoball back towards Ben as hard as he could, tripping over his own feet as he let the ball go. The last minute stumble sent the ball off course, and it hit the wall of a nearby building before bouncing two more times along the sidewalk, rolling to a stop well short of Ben.

"What was that?" Ben laughed.

"Do over!" Jerry yelled as he bolted for the ball.

"No way!" Ben yipped as he raced for the ball as well, crashing into Jerry and bowling him over into a squirming heap.

The giggling puppies wrestled for several moments before flopping to the ground to catch their breath.
"Hey flea breath, I think your watch is broken!" panted Jerry.

"I don't have a watch bug brains!" said Ben.

"Then what's that ticking?"

"Maybe your brain finally snapped!" said Ben as he leapt away from Jerry. Jerry sprang after him, tackling him back to the ground.

The puppies tumbled over each other, knocking into the Indestructoball and sending it rolling down the street. The loud ticking sound coming from the ball became faster as it rolled, and it headed for the mail box on the corner.

"Hey mister!" Ben yelled to the postdog emptying the mail box. "Can you please throw my ball back?"

"Sure thing kid." As the postdog stooped to retrieve the ball the ticking suddenly stopped. The ball exploded with a loud pop, knocking the postdog off his feet and sending letters high into the air.

With letters fluttering down around them the puppies stood in stunned silence for a moment, before leaping into the air, whooping with delight.

"That was awesome!" shrieked Ben.

"Let's get another one!" yelled Jerry, "and let's make it a big one this time!"

The two puppies raced each other back into the shop, almost knocking Dash and Chase over as they came around the corner.

"Watch it!" Dash snapped before tripping over the dazed postdog sprawled on the footpath. "What the halibut happened here...? Oh no!"

"What is it?" asked Chase.

"We've got a problem. I've got to get to a phone, now!"...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Episode 12: Total recall

Meanwhile over at The Wan Ju Toy Factory ……

Percival Carruthers adjusted his monocle with one manicured wing as he read an email from yet another half-witted customer wittering on about the ‘old days’ when his grandfather had started The Wan Ju Toy Factory after WWII. The fact that his grandfather had called the Factory The Wan Ju Toy Factory was a source of constant irritation to Percy.

‘Grandfather, you do know that you have called the factory The Toy Toy Factory?’ he’d sighed for the thousandth when he was trying to get him to drop the Wan Ju from their company name.

‘Yes Percy that’s the point! It’s just a bit fun. This is a toy factory, yes?’ Archie responded in his usual irritatingly cheerful manner. “And we make toys! So, we are a toy toy factory. It always brings a smile to my face every time I say it”.

Archibald Carruthers, Archie to his friends, of which he had many, had handed over the running of his beloved factory to his grandson two years previously. His beloved son, Jimmy, had been killed in a tragic hunting accident several years ago when Percy was only a year old and Archie was left with a one year old to bring up on his own.

They were from a long line of London racing and carrier pigeons and in his early years Archie had flown missions during WWII all across Europe. He’d had a few close calls and ended up falling in love with a beautiful American dove working at the Ministry stationed in London. When the war was over, they decided to go back to her native America and set up home.

Percy really missed the old man and knew Archie would probably be turning in his grave if he saw what Percy was about to do with the factory. A brief flicker of guilt passed over him and he shook out his wings as if he was just stretching them.

He pressed a button on the office intercom and heard his secretary immediately respond ‘Yes, Mr Carruthers?’

‘Get in here’ he snapped. He leant back in his executive leather chair and thought about how in a few weeks he was going to be the richest pigeon in Cooperville, maybe even the richest pigeon in the world! And all thanks to some rotten mangy cat that had the audacity to wander around HIS factory at night! A cat that was now dead, poisoned by an insane dog on roller skates, if you believed the newspapers.

His secretary sauntered into his office and perched pertly on the seat in front of his desk.

‘There’s a problem with the batch of Indestructoball we produced for Cooperville, I want a total product recall on that batch, and I want it now, Miss French!’ he barked at his secretary.

‘Yes sir, right away! I’ll get Bill straight on it’. Suzie thought it strange they were only recalling the Cooperville batch.

She hastily left the office and, after locating the batch number in the database, picked up the phone. ‘Hi Bill, it’s Suzie. Can you arrange a recall on the Indestructoball batch 537113 right away?'

After a brief discussion with Bill, she hung up the phone. She stared at the computer screen. Her boss had been acting very weird lately and she decided it was time to find exactly out what was going on.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Episode 11: You gotta have faith

Misty felt the tears welling in her beautiful green eyes as she ran from Miss Kitty’s Milkbar. Damn Chase to hell! She would not cry! She loved Dash and that was that! She angrily shook the tears away as she ran towards the penthouse apartment she shared with Blade in the uptown district of Cooperville.

Time to make some decision and find some answers! Misty picked up her pace and ran faster towards the Gato Towers apartment building. The concierge called out to her:

“Good afternoon Miss Misty, there’s a package for you”. The concierge jumped down from the desk and nudged a small fragrant box towards Misty. “I don’t know what it is, but it sure smells good Miss Misty”.

“Oh! Thanks George. I wonder what it is. Who delivered it?”

“That’s the strange thing Miss Misty. I was only out the back for a minute checking the litter trays and when I came back in, it was here on the desk”.

Misty sniffed the box. George was right! It smelled divine! No card, how exciting. Maybe Dash had sent her something romantic!

“Well, thanks again George, I’ll let you know!” With that she set off towards the elevator with the box safely stored in her backpack.

She entered the key code to the penthouse in the number panel of the elevator and it rattled into life heading slowly towards the 25th floor. The smell from the box made her stomach rumble and she realised she hadn’t eaten for hours.

The elevator doors slid open and she headed straight for the kitchen. First a little snack followed by some detective work, Misty style! She jumped up into the kitchen counter and removed the aromatic box from her backpack.

She flipped open the lid and was surprised to see a large omelette! She took a close sniff. She could smell the cheese and tuna and some kind of herb, probably Parsley. She wondered again if Dash had sent her an omelette? Bit of a weird present to send your secret lover! Oh well, he was a strange one. He knew about her love of tuna though! She took a bite of the omelette. Mmmmmmm, it was as delicious as it looked and smelled. She took another bite and another. Before she knew it, she’d polished off the whole omelette!

She jumped down from the counter and headed off towards her brothers room determined to find out more about their parents. He had to have some hidden letters or papers somewhere and she was going to find them.

She heard a strange squeaking noise behind her followed by a whirring noise. What the hell was that? She turned round and saw a large dog in a chefs hat holding what looked like an egg whisk staring down at her.

“Misty, I’m Blade. I’m here to help you. Don’t be scared, everything is going to be all right”.

Misty opened her mouth to speak but nothing would come out. She felt herself sliding down onto the floor. She couldn’t move or speak! What was happening to her?

The big dog was gliding towards her. Was she imagining things or was he wearing roller skates? He bent down and leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

“I’ve poisoned you. The poison makes it seem like you’re dead but you’re not. You’re just paralysed”.

Misty tried to open her mouth, blink, move a paw – anything! Nothing would move!

“I know you are trying to tell me you can hear me. It’s ok Misty, I know. Someone very close to you sent me here, someone who wants me to protect you”.

“I’m going to leave in a few moments before Chase and Dash get here but I want you to know everything is under control”.

With that he stood up and skated across to the elevator. “I’ll be waiting for you at the crematorium Misty. Don’t lose faith bambina”.

Misty’s mind was racing at 100 miles an hour. Paralysed? Poison? Crematorium? Bambina? That’s what Chase had said their mother called her when she was very tiny! She tried desperately to move but was totally paralysed. What was going to happen to her? Soon Chase and Dash would be here and they would think of something. Just relax Misty, she told herself. Ha! What else could she do?

She heard the whir of the elevator. They were coming! She could hear voices. Chase and Dash were coming.

“Misty, Misty!” Can you hear me? Misty!!!. Chase was screaming at her. She couldn’t move. He was crying. “Dash, we’re too late, she’s dead”.

Chase sat cradling what he thought was the lifeless body of his daughter in his paws. Dash stood beside him, one paw on his shoulder. Tears pouring down his cheeks.

Misty lay paralysed unable to cry out or let them know she was ok. Everything was going to be ok. As long as they took her to the crematorium, she would be ok.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Episode 10: Canned heat

Meanwhile in an alleyway not far from Miss Kitty’s Milkbar……

Chase sauntered up to the trashcan and stood close. His whiskers twitched in the sunlight as decided his next move.

He knocked sharply on the side of the bin and called out “Hey Dash, you in there buddy?”

He could hear a rustling and a strange beeping noise coming from inside “Errr … hang on …. that you Chase?” came the muffled response.

“Yeah it’s me. What're you up to pal?” he asked feeling a slight impatience.

“One sec, I’ll be right with you!” More rustling and then the lid on the bin opened a crack. “You alone?” Dash asked quietly.


“Ok, come on in.”

“Look Dash, I’m not really in the mood for rummaging around in the trash right now. I want to talk to you about Misty.”

“Trust me Chase, you won’t regret it".

Chase stood outside the trashcan for a moment trying not to get annoyed. His tail swished back and forth rapidly. “Ok, ok, but it better be good”.

Dash raised the lid of the trashcan higher so Chase could jump inside. Was it his imagination or was the lid on hinges? He gracefully jumped up  and balanced on the edge before jumping down onto what appeared to be a carpeted platform.

“What the……” he exclaimed.

Dash pressed a button on the side of the can and the platform slowly descended into the darkness below. As Chase’s eyes adjusted to the gloom he could see lights flashing, hear more strange beeping noises again and tinny voices.

“Welcome to the CBI, the cat bureau of investigation, undercover trash division” Dash said proudly, his chest puffing out just a little so Chase could see his ID badge ‘Special Agent Dash Brent’ it read.

Chase’s jaw dropped just a little. What the hell had happened to the slightly shoddy, slightly overweight private detective? This cat was totally different!

“Chase, we’ve got some things we need to talk about. Most importantly, we need to talk about Misty. Chase, she’s in terrible danger”.

Dash turned towards a bank of screens and a keyboard. “Come over here and check out this. We got this recording through from one of our operatives undercover at the Nip Inn Boarding House this afternoon.”

Chase stared at the computer screens and watched events unfold before his eyes. He turned, panicking, grabbing Dash by the shoulder, hard. “Dash, I’ve got to get to Misty – NOW!!!”

Dash adjusted the headset and spoke quietly into the mic “The omelette has landed, I repeat, the omelette has landed”.

“Come on Chase, we haven’t got long”. They stepped onto the platform together and Dash pressed the up button. They jumped out of the trashcan and ran hell for leather towards Chase’s swanky uptown apartment, praying they weren’t too late.