Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 5: Awkward moments......

Hearing the annoyance in Precious' voice  Blade felt a pit in his stomach, and it wasn't the sock he ate earlier.

"Well Precious you don't have to fret I am in town for another reason altogether, just need a place to rest my bones and all. So ya got a room or what?" Blade sneered at Larry and Jerimiah.

Precious walked back to the small desk on the other side of the room and grabbed a set of keys on a squeaky toy keychain and tossed them to Blade.

"Just settle up before ya pass through  darlin'" Precious emphasized her disbelief in Blade's excuse and rolled her eyes.

Larry moved closer to Precious, making sure Blade and Jerimiah knew she was his girl. He put his paws on her shoulders.

Now why don't you two chumps beat it cause this ain't the social club, this is a place of biness!" Larry pointed to door and glared with his bright yellow eyes.

Jerimiah blew a kiss to Precious as he walked out the door. "Lemme know when you and this FOOL are through beautiful!"

Blade turned to walk to his room, thinking to himself.....why can't he just say business properly? Who does he think he is? And why is Precious with HIM?!


  1. Heehee hope da sock don't make him sick,so Balde is Precious'lover Hmmmm

  2. And the plot thickens. Oh, i hate having to wait a few more days.