Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Episode 14: Runaway Corpse

Misty could hear voices as she lay on the table in the Cooperville Morgue. She’d been transferred to the Morgue after she was pronounced dead at the penthouse.

They had put her into a black bag and dumped her on a trolley. She was then wheeled her unceremoniously into the back of a black van. She could hear Dash and Chase sobbing uncontrollably as the doors slammed shut.

Now she was at the Morgue and appeared to be laying on some kind of table. There was a sheet covering her from head to toe and she could hear footsteps and muffled voices nearby.

She let her mind to replay the last few hours. She tried to focus on the last few moments before she’d been paralysed by Blade.

Blade! What had he said? Something about protecting her. How he would save her. Her mother had sent him! However, her mother was dead! Moments before Dash and Chase has come crashing into the apartment, he had whispered that she didn’t need to worry. It would all be all right. He would save her. Well he had better hurry up or she was in danger of becoming chopped liver!

She heard footsteps coming towards her. She couldn’t turn her head, move her eyes, she couldn’t even blink. A floating head appeared about her and she saw the masked face of Dr Cressida Talbot, Cooperville’s Medical Examiner. Talbot was instantly recognisable; no one forgot those piercing icy blues eyes of the beautiful Siberian Husky.

‘Well, dear Misty, I shall be gentle with you, my little one, but I must find out what happened to you. Forgive me’. It was as if Talbot knew that Misty was alive!

Talbot pulled the microphone down from the ceiling towards her and started speaking in her delectable Russian accent.

‘Female Siamese cat …. age ….. approximately 2 years …’ She bent to stare closely at Misty. ‘I am going now to make the incision to determine if there is organ damage and time of death from the stomach contents’.

Misty lay completely helpless on the table as Dr Talbot turned to a trolley containing a range of stainless steel surgical instruments.

Just then, a voice called out from the Morgue reception. ‘Hey Doc! Got a delivery for ya!’

‘One moment’ Talbot called out. She turned back to Misty and replaced the sheet over her. ‘I will be there momentarily please wait!’

Misty broke into a cold sweat; at least she would have broken into a cold sweat if she could DO anything!

She lay on the table listening for anything that might indicate that she was about to be saved. She heard a strange rumbling noise to her left. More silence. Another rumble; rollerblades!

She felt warm breath in her ear. ‘I told you I’d be back for you Misty’. Blade’s face appeared above her where Talbot’s face had been moments earlier. Grinning madly down at her he said ‘ok sweet cheeks, we’re going for a little ride!’ She felt the table she was laying on slowly turn towards the doors Talbot had just exited.

Blade powered forward on his rollerblades using his well-developed leg muscles. Those extra rollerblading sessions were definitely paying off he thought hysterically to himself!

‘Yeeehaaaaawwww’ he cried out in triumph. The trolley crashed through the double-doors of the examination room, hurtled down a slope and crashed through another set of double doors out into the early evening warmth.

Blade gave the trolley one final push towards some hydrangea bushes and bundled up Misty into his strong paws. ‘You’re safe now girl’ he said and skated off downtown.

Misty lay in Blade’s arms and felt relief flood through her as she realised Blade had indeed saved her! ‘It’s time you had some answers’ he said and added ‘Tallulah is gonna be very happy to see you’.

Her mother! What was going on? Why had Chase told her their mother was dead? Did her mother know about Dash? How was Blade going to free her from the paralysis? She was sure she wouldn’t have to wait long to find out everything she was so desperate to know…..... and she would get to meet the famous Tallulah!