Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Episode 16: The Reunion

Blade stood on the curb of a tree-lined avenue and watched the tail-lights of the limousine flicker briefly as the driver touched the brakes before pulling into the early evening traffic. He slowly skated away from the curb and made his way back to the boarding house, feeling tired but happy.

Soon, Misty would be reunited with her mother and he could go back to what he did best – offering a high class omelette delivery service!

Misty lay in the back of the limousine trying to take in everything that had happened to her in the last 24 hours. Her mind kept returning her to that awful moment when she though Dr Talbot was going to cut her open! Thank Cat Blade had turned up!

Blade had just injected her with … with, well she wasn’t sure what, but she could feel her legs coming back to life and even managed to lick a paw. She sure was thirsty though. She looked around. Ahhh – drink and food! Oh yes – milk and tuna! Blade had put out small bowls of tuna and milk on the floor of the limo. She lapped the milk and greedily chomped down the tuna, her lips smacking with great gusto!

She jumped back onto the seat and started to slowly groom herself. Ahhhh this was heaven! Nothing quite like a lick of the cat to make you feel normal again!

She looked out of the window as she elegantly licked and then wiped her paw over her ear. The privacy glass was firmly shut between her and the driver. The limousine drove smoothly up higher and higher into the mountains towards the Mountain Lodge Hotel, where her mother was waiting for her. Hotel had once been an exclusive retreat for old fat cat bankers but was rumoured to be in the hands of a private owner. Her mother, she wondered? Or one of her show-biz friends?

The limousine drove through the impressive gates and slowly along the gravel drive towards the hotel. The driver stopped the car and the door next to Misty opened slowly. She peered out and gently sniffed the night air. She jumped out of the car and lightly ran up the steps and into the hotel foyer.

There, standing at the bottom of the grand staircase, stood her mother, Tallulah!

“Misty!” she called out and ran towards her daughter. They embraced and tears fell from their faces.

“Oh Misty, my daughter, my beloved girl” Tallulah cried. “Girl, are you all right, let me look at you”. Tallulah pulled back from their embrace and stared deep into Misty’s eyes.

“Is it really you?” Misty whispered. The tears of joy ran down her face as she nuzzled close to her mother. “I thought you were dead! They said you had been murdered”.

“Sshhhh it’s all right, I’m here now. Come on, we’ve got lots to talk about. I have so much to tell you. And I want to hear all your news” Tallulah cooed.

Tallulah started to head up the grand staircase. “Mum, wait! What about Chase?” Tallulah turned and looked down at Misty with a strange look “Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten about Chase, don’t worry". And with that she ran up the staircase towards her suite.

Misty hesitated for a moment. What did that mean she wondered? Her mother’s tone had been icy cold. Her life was turning into a soap opera! She ran up the stairs behind her mother thinking about how she was going to contact Chase to let him know she was all right!