Saturday, June 12, 2010

Episode 3: Three's a crowd

"Finally I meet the infamous Blade, well there's only room in this town for one sous chef!" A high pitched squeaky voiced proclaimed.

Precious moved across the room towards the voice who began to enter the room, the light from the doorway making him appear angelic.

Blade covered his eyes with a paw. "Seems only decent for you tell me who you are since you already seem to know so much about me!" Blade puffed up his chest and the fur behind his neck, trying to look as intimidating as he could.

Finally the figure stepped into the room showing his face. His piercing yellow eyes were the first thing Blade noticed, then the black surrounding them. When his eyes moved to the figure's body Blade started to notice how tiny he was.

Precious stepped towards the wee figure and put her paws on his shoulder. "This is Larry, he's the new sous chef in town, and Blade he is my new lover!"