Saturday, June 12, 2010

Episode 2: Reunion

"Hello Blade," replied the voice in the shadows. "I was hoping I'd seen the back of you, but now I see you're back...and it seems I'm talking to your back, won't you at least turn around?"

Pirouetting neatly on his roller skates, Blade turned towards the voice. "Is that better baby?" he sneered. "Now won't you show me your pretty face?"

"Don't call me baby!"

"Sorry, won't you please come out where I can see you Precious?" Blade responded, not sounding the least bit apologetic.

Precious sauntered slowly from the shadows, hair as high as a hill and dog breath to die for.

"Better?" she asked.

"Much," Blade replied. "Admit it, you missed me didn't you?"

"Hmpf! How much could I miss someone who gave me the worst case of fleas I've had in my life?"

"Lies!" Blade snapped, "I've never had so much as a single flea in my life!"

Blade and Precious glared at one another, a palpable tension building in the air. Blade's back foot twitched as he mustered all his willpower to resist scratching at the fleas gnawing on his left ear.

Suddenly the front door banged open, making them both jump. They were no longer alone...

                                                   Precious Carrington gets an unwelcome visitor


  1. dat Blade he's a flea carrier BOL wat's next I wonder can't wait !!!da suspense of it all xxx

  2. *ROARING with laughter* that is hysterical! Oh dear, I am soooooooo out of my league!