Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 13: Dangerous games...

Back in Cooperville...

Two Labrador puppies scampered from the Cooperville Toy, Treat & Toothbrush Emporium, squealing with delight.

"Quick Ben, pass it to me! C'mon, c'mon!" yipped the first puppy.

"Okay, stand back a bit then!" Ben laughed. "Ready Jerry? Go long!"

Jerry raced down the street as Ben flipped the shiny new Indestructoball high into the air. Flecks of slobber flew from the ball as it bounced once, then twice, and was caught by Jerry mid air before it could hit the ground again.

Both puppies yelped with excitement. "Cool!" Ben squealed, crouching into a play bow. "My turn now, throw it back to me!"

Jerry flung the Indestructoball back towards Ben as hard as he could, tripping over his own feet as he let the ball go. The last minute stumble sent the ball off course, and it hit the wall of a nearby building before bouncing two more times along the sidewalk, rolling to a stop well short of Ben.

"What was that?" Ben laughed.

"Do over!" Jerry yelled as he bolted for the ball.

"No way!" Ben yipped as he raced for the ball as well, crashing into Jerry and bowling him over into a squirming heap.

The giggling puppies wrestled for several moments before flopping to the ground to catch their breath.
"Hey flea breath, I think your watch is broken!" panted Jerry.

"I don't have a watch bug brains!" said Ben.

"Then what's that ticking?"

"Maybe your brain finally snapped!" said Ben as he leapt away from Jerry. Jerry sprang after him, tackling him back to the ground.

The puppies tumbled over each other, knocking into the Indestructoball and sending it rolling down the street. The loud ticking sound coming from the ball became faster as it rolled, and it headed for the mail box on the corner.

"Hey mister!" Ben yelled to the postdog emptying the mail box. "Can you please throw my ball back?"

"Sure thing kid." As the postdog stooped to retrieve the ball the ticking suddenly stopped. The ball exploded with a loud pop, knocking the postdog off his feet and sending letters high into the air.

With letters fluttering down around them the puppies stood in stunned silence for a moment, before leaping into the air, whooping with delight.

"That was awesome!" shrieked Ben.

"Let's get another one!" yelled Jerry, "and let's make it a big one this time!"

The two puppies raced each other back into the shop, almost knocking Dash and Chase over as they came around the corner.

"Watch it!" Dash snapped before tripping over the dazed postdog sprawled on the footpath. "What the halibut happened here...? Oh no!"

"What is it?" asked Chase.

"We've got a problem. I've got to get to a phone, now!"...

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