Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 9: One bad egg could spoil the omelette

Blade pressed the end call button on his Iphone and stood for a moment staring out of the window.

“Oh yes, I’m gonna take real good care of you my friend”.

He turned away from the window and made his way purposefully to the door. As he reached out one large paw to turn the handle, he noticed a shadow cross quickly in front of the bottom of the door.

Someone had been listening in on his little ‘conversation’. He crept quietly but quickly to the door and opened it just enough to peek through the crack. He noticed a sleek black-ringed tail disappear as the spy quickly ran down the stairs.

He’d know that tail anywhere! Well well, Larry the Lemur had been listening at the door. Why? And who for? Precious no doubt!

He returned to his rucksack that lay open on the bed. He riffled through his things, panicking slightly! Had he brought them? Of course, he never went anywhere without them!. He pulled things randomly from the bag - whisk, chef’s hat, garlic press, spare roller-blading wheels – no no no!! He could feel the tension rising in his chest. Come on, come on! Where are you?

He felt deeper into the rucksack and breathed a sigh of relief – oh thank dogness. There they were. He pulled out a bag of what looked very much like dried and ground parsley leaves, the perfect accompaniment to any omelette! These leaves were a very different kettle of fish. Tasteless and odourless, these babies were pure dynamite, they could paralyse after just one mouthful.

This omelette was one that would leave the eater feeling more than just a little ‘scrambled’. On examination, any vet would proclaim the victim dead but Blade knew he would be very much alive and wouldn't be able move or speak!

Blade chuckled to himself as he placed the bag of leaves carefully under his chef's hat and checked his reflection in the mirror.  He hoped he knew what he was doing! Come on big guy! He couldn't afford to start getting a conscience now.

Time for some cooking ……. for a very special guest!


  1. The suspense is really getting to me!! Whew - for a minute I thought this was going to turn into a murder mystery. he he- I suppose it still could.

  2. OOOOO!!! I wonder who Blade is after....

  3. Oh me, oh my, this is so exciting! I just read all 9 episodes at once and I think I overdosed on suspense... can't wait for the next one, hurry up please...